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Zoo Games

If you like animals, nothing better than zoo games to enjoy them all. It pretends to be the caretaker of a zoo and cares for all the animals that live there, you must feed the funny monkeys, clean the cage of the ferocious lion or water the impressive elephants. Be careful with diseases and do your veterinary if necessary, put vaccines, bandages on wounds and monitor their temperature with the thermometer. Do not forget the newborn animals, they are the ones that need the most care, like baby bottles, changing diapers and above all, a lot of love so that they grow healthy and strong. And you can not miss in the zoo games a few aquatic animals like dolphins to which you must teach spectacular tricks and jumps so that the spectators of the show are delighted and get a good score. There is nothing better than an afternoon at the zoo and if you do not have one in your city you can simulate it with these fun zoo games.