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If it were true that the taxi drivers and their taxis are reputed to distill a lot of bad milk, would be the first material for a jug of taxi games in which one could get into his car yellow and black, pick up or not the possible passengers, charge them the amount they wanted and arrive on time to the requested destination even if it means passing a little the driving rules for salva be the part. Here it would be worth everything! Climb on the sidewalk, go against direction, skip traffic lights or scare old women crossing the zebra crossing. In the taxi code, it is important to have the customer happy. The fact is that, if all that were true, here and now we would recommend that you spend a while of the most exciting playing taxi games, in which first of all speed and adventure on wheels impose. Bathed with a healthy dose of humor, that always. I repeat, only if everything said was true, that it is not, of course!