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Before being a little princess, Sofia was the daughter of a humble shoemaker. By circumstances of life this ended up falling in love with a King and marrying him, which made the girl part of royalty. Since then Princess Sofia lives happily in the royal castle with her family, Miranda, her mother, Roland II, her father and stepbrothers James and Amber, starring in a series of daily adventures, full of good humor and feelings, they are the ones that have inspired the Princess Sofia games that you can find here. Sofia is of Spanish descent and dazzles everyone with her beauty, especially those huge blue eyes. It's innocent, and he likes to help others as much as he likes to hang out with his pet, the rabbit Clover. All that and more you will find in the Princess Sofia games, where you can comb, make up, bathe, decorate your room, cook, skate and visit the good doctor. Become a friend of the Little Princess Sofia and let yourself fall in love for her innumerable virtues.