Ski Games

Do not worry if you have not yet reached the first snowfall, with all these skiing games that we bring you you can go practicing without worrying for a moment about the weather. Swing with your skis through the snow and perform all kinds of acrobatics and jumps to demonstrate your skill at the stroke of a mouse and overcome all the obstacles that appear when you pass through the slalom track or off the track if yours are the most extreme skiing games. If you prefer you can also choose another type of skiing games, such as cross-country skiing combined with target shooting, where your mission will be to make a long journey in the shortest possible time, overcoming the different tests that you may find in your path. preparing your shotgun when you approach the shooting area, you have 5 shots, for each one you fail you will add 10 seconds to the total time you take to complete the course., so ... take your time and do not get shake the pulse when aiming with your mouse !!