Skate Games

We have a lot of skate games, also known as skateboarding games so you can perform those impossible tricks without fear of breaking any part of your body in the fall !! You decide, you can choose between the two modalities that you prefer, street to go jumping and doing tricks with your skateboard by the handrails and walls that you will find with your skateboard at your pace, or if what you prefer is to opt for the modality vert or of ramps in the skate games section you will find games to not get bored for hours. If we had to highlight a game in the skateboarding section, it would certainly be the game Gregmaniacs and Cyclomaniacs, of the latter you can even enjoy a second part, during all these years they have always been among the top positions in our ranking of best skate games, for something will be ... do not miss them. Ahh! And do not forget to take a look at the two parts of "SkateBoard City", especially if you prefer to jump around the streets instead of on the ramps. Have you ever seen a BMX in action? They are incredible. They climb obstacles, make spectacular jumps through the air and turn on themselves in continuous and tireless challenge to gravity. Although read like that may seem, the BMX are not machines of the future, nor super-robots ready for battle, nor even the best kept secret of an evil corporation. They are bicycles. Not simple, not common, but bikes after all. The catalog of tricks that you can make uploaded to a BMX is priceless: Bunny Hop, Barspin, Tailwhip or Rollback. What, nothing, nothing, have fun in the end !!. As an extreme sport, you'll have to take precautions before riding it with BMX games. So put on your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves, activate your favorite device and fly! BMX games, Bike Moto Cross games, action games, adventure and excitement !.