Simulation Games

In our simulation games you can live a lot of different lives just by clicking on them. You can be a famous fashion designer who travels around the world teaching her creations on the most important catwalks, a farmer in charge of caring for animals and planting vegetables in her garden to sell at the market or a famous tattoo artist who must make the tattoos suitable depending on the taste of your customers. If your thing is the cinema, you can play simulating being an actress at the beginning of her career that should go to parties and events to start being famous in Hollywood. Or if you prefer fashion try the simulation games of the 'Shopaholic' saga in which you have to make a model become famous by impressing people with the clothes that she brings to each party. And if what you like the most is babies play to work in a day care center taking care of the children by giving them a bottle or a baby food, changing diapers or playing with them. Enjoy imagining how your life would be with so many different professions.