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Poop Games

It is brown, it is soft, sometimes it is loaded with lumps, sometimes it is hard as a rock and sometimes it melts in your hands and always it smells terrible !!. Yes friends, they are excrement, poop, popo or, plain and simple, shit !! What utilities do you have ?, Well many ... if not, what would someone take the trouble to invent crappy games ?. Shit can be used to paint pictures. To dye clothes. Some people sculpts it and some people throw it without compassion. Possibly it is the most ungrateful weapon of all. Receive a zurullo in the face and see how your life changes. Plant a pine tree over the enemy, and you will humiliate him for life. Of that same go these games of shit, to fight the opponent by throwing excrement, whether human, animal or vegetable. Maybe even extraterrestrial. And then, it's time to clean up, which also requires courage. As funny, absurd and scatological as you can imagine, the fucking games will make you have a fun time ... and disgusting !.