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Have fun discovering the physics of rag dolls as they are launched with one device or another in our ragdoll games. Try throwing them from a cannon to destroy as much as you can the constructions of each level, or from a catapult or to see how they fall from a pile of parachutes. You choose to have fun watching the strange movements of a rag doll in the air. But if you want something more scientific you can do a lot of tests to the dummies in our ragdoll games. We recommend the saga 'Dummy Never Fails' in which you must launch the famous test dolls to get to the exit avoiding the obstacles. There are plenty of screens and you will have a safe time. No matter how the sets, strength or angle, you will always be surprised how they move and it will be practically unpredictable where or how they will fall. Learn your physics to achieve the objectives of each game in the ragdoll section.