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Thus, from the outset, all vehicles have a primary function: moving from one place to another and shortening distances in the process. Road cars. The boats by sea. And airplanes by air. Up to here everything logical and normal, right ?. That's how it would be in a rational world. But in one totally deranged as is the online games, things are somewhat different. Here the vehicles serve, primarily, to live extreme experiences. To hit a shot of adrenaline with the help of runaway speed. In short, to participate in racing games. A competition in which he defeats, basically, the one who arrives first at his goal, which is the same as saying that the trophy is the fastest, who spends more and better gills and who has no problems playing dirty necessary. Hold on tight to the steering wheel, step on the accelerator, fix your eyes on the road, tighten your teeth, tense your muscles, activate your senses and have a good time with these racing games !.