Pou Games

Pou has a triangular shape, looks a pair of expressive eyes, a mouth and is brown. In fact, it looks like a potato. And what is its function ?, As the pet for mobile applications. It was born with that purpose, to encourage users to take care of it, feed it, play with it and watch it grow. The more you tried, the more points you got and the better looking Pou had. Of course, if you were careless, there were serious chances that he would die. The success of the application took the creature beyond the cellular universe and today we can also locate it in online environments being the absolute protagonist of what we will gladly call Pou games. And what makes Pou's games different from what mobile phones gave them? Because here you can enjoy your company without the pressure of responsibility. You will take him to the hairdresser or to the dentist, he will be a father or a girl and he will face terrible monsters. If the palm, you start again and so happy. Not more comfortable like that? Well, of course!