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Famous people are very common, originating in comics, television or movies turned into online game meat. But the case of Pokemon is something different, since it was born strictly as a video game, so landing in these cyber-places is essentially something intrinsic to its nature. Pokemon are a class of creatures based on real animals or own Eastern mythology. There are different types of Pokemon to stop a train, but they all have one thing in common, a certain predisposition to fight if you get the point, something more than grateful when we talk about Pokemon games and derivatives. And when they do not give themselves up, throwing lightning and / or vilifying each other, they also spend their time making the tourist by bicycle, assembling puzzles, rolling races on wheels, memorizing, matching, fighting, challenging, naming and dressing. Come on, that the bugs in question do not have complexes. And you should also not have them when it comes to spending a moment of the most joyful and entertaining stuck to the screen of your device. Come on, let's go, let's get Pokemon!