Ping Pong Games

Addictive as few, the Ping Pong games every day gain more followers, and it is not surprising, they are games extremely simple but they will hook you from the first serve !!. In this collection of Ping Pong games or also known as table tennis you will find the best we have found browsing so you do not lose a minute of your time to enjoy this wonderful sport from the comfort of your PC. In the Ping Pong the player who reaches 11 or 7 points wins by a difference of at least one or two points, in case of a tie, he will continue playing alternating the turn of serve until one of the two players wins by at least 2 points of difference. There are also two types of grip on the paddle, the most classic is the one known as European grip that is more or less like you would grab a tennis racket, and then there is the Asian prey, which consists of grabbing the paddle more or less as if it were a pen. Now you know enough, so ... to play!