Mystery Games

In this world there is nothing more joyful than discovering a mystery! Solve the restlessness that takes away our sleep by acting as detectives, accumulate clues and evidence, find a relationship between them, extract a secret message, a code that opens doors that hide enigmas. A mansion in full storm, the creaking of the floorboards, the lightning that illuminates everything, the icy butler, etc., etc. Do not tell me you do not make your mouth water. Casting light on a mystery is a fundamental part of any self-respecting game, especially if, obviously, we talk about mystery games. That is exactly what you will find in this section, games of suspense, of facing danger, of not knowing what is hidden in the shadow or what awaits you when turning the corner. Put your full attention, take out the magnifying glass and the pipe and observe carefully, there is no hurry, here is not about destroying a colony of zombies, the thing is to use the brain, think before acting and discover the key in these super Addictive mystery games.