Lego Star Wars Games

A long time ago, in a very very distant device, there were the Lego Star Wars games. If the original Star Wars universe is already exciting on its own with its rebels, its evil empire, its galactic battles and its strange creatures, imagine how it will be passed through the sieve of the Lego factory, its blocks of colors, its detachable figures and his notorious sense of humor. Indeed something different, genuinely funny and that does not make too much distinction between good, bad and other trifles. Come on, that in the universe of Lego Star Wars the evil Darth Vader has as much right to star in an adventure, stumble and do the nonsense like Luke Skywalker, C3PO or even, look at you, Jar Jar Binks. All in dazzling, addictive and well-bred games of Lego Star Wars in which to travel impossible platforms to locate blocks, piloting ships built piece by piece with which to shoot your enemy or, and positions, dismantle yellow figures based on shots with Your laser gun is the Lego-bread of every day.