Hospital Games

Put on your doctor's coat and get ready to take care of your patients in our hospital games. He directs hospitals so that patients are treated promptly by the doctor who corresponds to them for their illness, as in the 'Frenzy Hospital' games saga. You can also make you work as a doctor in a motherhood by taking care of newborn babies by giving them bottles and changing diapers or in pediatrics curing children who have a bowel ache, have fallen or have a cold. If you prefer animal hospital games we also have a good collection. You can treat pets like dogs, cats and hamsters in 'Cute Pet Hospital' or farm animals like cows, chickens and rabbits in 'Cute Farm Hospital' and if what you like most are the beautiful horses in 'Cute Horse Hospital' you will be your veterinarian and you will be able to assist them. But if you feel like more action, you can also drive ambulances at full speed in our exciting hospital games.