Fishing Games

Who said that going fishing was boring? Try our fishing games and you will see how much fun it can be to go out on a fishing day, you have several options, you can choose to go fishing in a boat or directly sit in front of the lake and prepare all the gear to see if there is luck and itch. Within this section of fishing games you will see that there are also some games in which you can dive into the water and look for the biggest fish by diving through the depths of the ocean, at full lung or even with an oxygen cylinder. Some fishing games are a little different from what we are used to, as in the case of "Blow Fishing", a game in which your mission is to go around the lake driving your boat, which you can improve as you go fishing and making money, and throwing mini bombs directly into the water where you see the shadows of the fish, you have a limited number of bombs so aim well where there are more fish, then you will have to go through and collect all the fishing.