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To any car enthusiast and speed, the hairs on the back of his head stand up when he hears the word formula followed by number one. Formula 1, the premier category of motorsport, recreation for which transited teams as well known as those of McLaren, Lotus or Renault. Any aspirant to be a racing driver dreams of placing his car on the starting grid and waiting impatiently for the lights to light up on circuits such as Monaco or Melbourne. Unfortunately it is then when Dona Reality appears and wakes us up from a slap. What to do?. Well take the hand of the games of Formula 1, because who does not console, is because he does not want. Through your screen you can participate in the circuit that you want, uploaded to the car of the team that puts you. And if they do not exist, you invent them! That is the greatness of the Formula 1 games, that there are no rules if you do not want them to exist. What you will find at chorretones is speed, excitement and fun!