Domino Games

With the domino we go into the land of grubby bars, scandalous grandparents sitting around a table or park squares, habitual environments in which the interested biologist can observe a greater dedication to the famous board game arrived from China. ? We really have to explain what it is and how to play ?. What blessed planet do you belong to, dear ?! Ok, so be it. It consists of 28 generally rectangular tiles with one flat face and the other divided into two parts. In each of them there are protuberances whose number varies or is repeated randomly with respect to the rest of the chips. The fun is to join them at the ends so that their numbers match. The first one who runs out, wins. There are two ways to play, by eye or by puzzling mathematical calculations. ? Apply all this when you give to the domino games that we have here and now in its online version. They change designs and backgrounds, yeah !, but in the end they are the games of domino of always, those same that so much it liked to your grandfathers and your parakeet.