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If you need to eliminate stress there is nothing more de-stressing than our destruction games. Destroy buildings, castles, bridges or entire cities causing as much chaos as you can. You can handle the fearsome monster Godzilla in his eagerness of destruction trampling the buildings of the entire city without any mercy. The greater the catastrophe you think the higher the score you get. And if instead of the Japanese monster you prefer to emulate the destruction of nature you can control the movements of a tornado by demolishing the houses and everything you find in your path. But if yours is something quieter and what you use your brain you can play to demolish buildings placing bombs and dynamite in their structures so that they fall and destroy themselves to the maximum, so you will get a good score. Or think well where and at what time put the dynamite on the bridges in which the enemy army must pass and cause the greatest possible destruction of its soldiers and tanks in order to win the war. There are a lot of different possibilities and all very entertaining in our collection of destruction games.