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When we talk about movie classics, we do it with black and white films. If we refer to classical music, the thing goes of great orchestras and disheveled types directing them. And if it is classical literature, the result will be ... in short, something soporific. Yes vigorous friend, we are very afraid that the classic term accompanies everything that can also be called boring (thus, lengthening the R's). Everything, everything ?. Man, everything is not. And to show a button: Classic games you can label many things, if raw, simpletons, ugly ... but plastas, never !!. In fact, its simplicity, honesty and playability has made them, of these endearing classic games, a menu still recurrent today. For them, the years do not pass and the new generations continue to enjoy their virtues, despite -or thanks to- being classics ... And if not, throw a "buttonhole" to this colorful list and you will see how you recognize them and they are cool all: Belicious invaders of space, complete sudokus, inevitable tetris, deadly "kombates" or Super Mario in person. The more classic, the better, coleguita.