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Chess Games

Chess is a well-known and respected game. It is made up of a match board in two-color grids, sixteen pieces per player composed of a king, a queen, two bishops, two horses, two towers, eight pawns and, finally, a lot of history. The origin of chess goes back to the dawn of humanity. There is even a manual written during the Middle Ages. It is a game that has always known how to adapt to changes, to technological advances, which guarantees its grateful longevity. To this we must add the fact that it is a healthy entertainment for the mind that anyone can practice, from those who compete at the Olympic level to the sweeper. Following such a curriculum, we inevitably reach the computer age. Chess was one of the first games transferred to such medium, and since then it has not done anything else but to perfect itself to this day with online chess games that you can practice varying aspect, color and shape as much as you want, although in the background they are and chess games will always be enjoyable. No more