Checkers Games

The game of Checkers consists of a board divided into boxes, on which we place twenty cards per beard whose function is to move diagonally jumping one on top of the other with anthropophagic intentions. That is, the purpose is to eat the pieces of the opponent until, if possible, leave the board more empty than the portfolio at the end of the month. Then, and only then, is it possible to declare victorious the one that has consumed the most chips. The rules vary slightly depending on the types of Ladies games you face, but that should not worry us here and now. What is really interesting is that we are faced with a generous and complete sample of online games of Ladies that will delight the cannibals whose preferences consist in filling the crop virtually through the screen of your device. Change the appearance of the chips, the colors of the board or the size of the game, and you could even face a famous opponent, but in the end what is left is the old and good game of Ladies of all life. "Lady" more!