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It seems incredible what they can give themselves a little soap and water. Those curious shapes of perfectly round and shiny balls that we call bubbles are the perfect excuse to give background, form and name to a lot of online games where the geometrical figures that prevail are, well, the circumferences. Bubble games or balls of lifelong colors, funny and that shine multiple colors. Some have to be blown up, others ordered and in specific cases you will have to turn them around until you reach an objective. You can also shoot with them or defend when they attack you. Even some spend mouth and eyes and are the sea of ​​cute and tender. The square does not move and the triangle clicks ... accept it partner, the bubble games are the answer. And to prove it, the best thing you can do is to choose any of the pile you'll find here and test the strength of your lungs based on blows, if not the agility and speed of those plump little fingers pressing buttons. You will have a good time and you will feel a refreshing tickle in your throat. Plop!