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Boxing Games

This is your chance to test all your skills with your fists with our collection of boxing games without the need to hurt yourself, choose the type of blow that suits you at all times depending on the position of your opponent, how about a direct blow, or better a crochet ... but if you see him off guard do not hesitate to throw an uppercut or right hook that will knock him out !!. Throughout the section you will see that we have boxing games that range from the classics that take place inside the ring to the most original ones like the "Winter Boxing 2" in which you must show how well you handle your fists through the snow . But if what you like is a mix of boxing technology your game is the "Mini Robot Wars" where you can choose your favorite robot and configure it to your liking with which to jump into the ring to defend yourself against your opponent. Although if you are one of the most classic and what you like are traditional boxing games, no problem, get in the ring and emulate the great boxers of history like Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano or the unmatched Muhammad Ali !!