Animal Games

Nothing is more beautiful than taking care of a puppy dog ​​or cat and in the section of animal games you can do it almost as in reality. Give them food or a good bath, play with them on the ball and do not lack the love to grow healthy and strong. But there are not only puppies or kittens you can also take care of hamsters, bunnies, horses, ponies or zoo animals like monkeys or zebras. In the animal games you will also find some in which you will be a veterinarian or veterinarian and you should give them an injection if they have the flu or other diseases, or put a bandage if they have broken a leg. One of the favorite animal games for you is to train with dolphins a spectacular show full of jumps and acrobatics in a pool. You also really like the farm classics in which besides planting vegetables in the garden you must take care of the cows, chickens and other animals that you have.