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We all dream of leaving our mundane existences to live exciting adventures from time to time. Adventures that take us to impossible worlds, wonderful places that only exist in our imagination or in exotic travel magazines. Adventures full of extreme sensations and dangers that shoot us adrenaline to the limit of our endurance. So, when we finish, feel incredibly alive. Of course, this entails certain logistical difficulties and certain risks. In fact, what we would really like is to experience it without risking our lives and without having to get too far away from home. That's why there are movies, books or, much more effective in terms of immersion, adventure games, whether online or of any other kind. The adventure games guarantee all those sensations, something less intense but not for that less joyful, with absolute security. Medieval battles, treasure hunts, jungle treks, endless wars, endless platforms full of traps, sea crossings, warriors, magicians, monsters, robots, pirates, damsels or goblins. Whatever you imagine, is at your beck and call. Venture and enjoy!