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Spy Games

There is no doubt that spies are characters with tremebundas possibilities for narrative and pure entertainment, whether in its actual incarnation as in fiction. The story goes plagued with outstanding successes in film and literature with the excuse of espionage. And these spy games were not going to be less. Although the spies may vary in their credibility as the medium, there are basically two kinds. The guys are really go unnoticed and are worth more cunning than violence. The lying are basically invincible superheroes that are loaded to the pellets amazing technology. What do you prefer ?, because both have no place in these spy games.?Tendrás internarte spies in enemy territory, ataviarte with weapons of rage and go stealthy and endless corridors searching for that document or that whatever you they have entrusted locate. Of course along the way you have to fight, stoke, run, jump and shoot. Old habits are not lost ... you even if you're all a "car-spy". How he has granted you that, double agent ?.