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Scary Games

If you love the scary movies or Halloween disguise in any scary character, you can not miss this section of scary games. Watch your back and defend yourself from attack by the undead that appear suddenly. Use all kinds of weapons against ghosts, aliens, zombies and monsters of all kinds who only seek blood. You do not shake the pulse when you get close and shoot in the head to die quickly. The best thing to try to do is to escape to a safe place, look for the exit or flees in a car if you are near, you can also use it to run over and try to escape. Also within our scary games can enjoy a night of scary as Halloween, decorate pumpkins to scare the neighbors, choose a costume that much fear and ask 'Trick or Treat' in the neighborhood, but beware there are many ghosts advantage that night to get confused between people. Fun and fear go hand in hand in this section full of scary games.