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A show in Latin America, Spain and currents Stories Regular Show in their country of origin, is one of the most original and refreshing of time animated series. Starring bird and raccoon Rigby Mordecai, the gallery of characters who still do not fall short. We have an awful gum dispenser. The maudlin and pigheaded Pops. The taciturn and joker Muskelmannbraun. The relaxed and simian Skips. The strange Ghost Gimme Five. And, of course, we can not forget Margaret, the Wall by Mordecai loses feathers. Together they star in something that, of course, is not a show anymore.? All episodes begin with problems and situations most common that soon begin to result in sick surreal and funny stories, much as these games A show more . Monsters, dimensional gates, time travel, ninjas, bowling games with death or magic potions make the universe a few games of a so unique and amazing as the original series show. Try them and leaving them will be impossible.