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Polly Pocket has its origins in the world of toys. Born as an ideal to keep in your pocket wrist, hence its name, which translated into the language of Cervantes means that pocket. It was loaded with accessories that went crazy girls from half the planet. The thing worked so well that Polly Pocket expanded their domains to small screens, large and small. Today the girl, blonde, big blue eyes, beautiful, friendly and well-intentioned to delirium, has an entire film to his credit, "Polly World", is still selling like hotcakes and, of course, carries a jug of those online games that will delight girls and boys with largos.?Hermosa fingers, flirtatious and saucy as it is, Polly Pocket games could not be devoted to other matters that were not purely aesthetic (hairstyles, clothing), practical ( work, babysit, ordering the bedroom), dynamic (skating, cycling) or pure adolescent fantasy (becoming a rock star or a full siren). Pure pedigree evasion with Polly Pocket games.