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Mermaid Games

Legendary and well recognizable mythological figures, mermaids are beautiful women who preserve their femininity to her waist, and from there turn into fish, wearing a scaly tail of colorful sea. They live underwater, but sometimes love to go outside, apoltronarse on a boulder and pursue his favorite hobby: humming a sweet voice that intoxicates and love. With so striking as those attributes, the sirens have become the protagonists of a handful of fairy tales and, of course, films as famous as "The Little Mermaid" Disney or "1, 2, 3 ... Splash".? Nor they could miss mermaid games, which are many and boiled. They are of love, marriage included. There are dress (for what choose which shells are the most suitable). Also combed, health care, Christmas in its atmosphere and even one about does a pony "merman" ?. So they are are the mermaid games and so we have had.