My games

Maze Games

It is said that all roads lead to Rome. And surely it is true, but what is never warn you of turns, pirouettes and deadly twists that you find along the way. Without speaking of enigmas, explosions, holes, knives and some creature of evil and worse intentional carada underworld. That and more is what you can bump into in the labyrinths. Where wit, cunning, risk and strong emotions shake hands cordially. In maze games every corner is a surprise, a danger, a threat or a new mystery ready to solve. And you make it better, or you can not move, remaining trapped for life in an endless spiral. Maze games in which you will have to draw on your skill, your talent, your sense of humor and a bit of that thing called gray matter. Exceeds tests as deadly mazes, face challenges and reach the exit in one piece. If you are the challenges, you have landed in the right place.