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Godzilla Games

The elephantine lizard hot breath you can not win one in what refers to evidence. Squamous Godzilla has since 1954 ... destroying models. er, sorry, entire cities without breaking a sweat. Sometimes in conflict with the human race, sometimes because it's up arrearse of Smite with any of the other giant monsters with which usually deal. But despite the damage it causes us Godzilla, Godzi for friends, there is no doubt that we all feel affection for him. And there are already many battles, not fewer films, a couple of remakes made in Hollywood, all kinds of goods, including Godzilla games online, and even a life-size statue rulando out there.? And what is the secret his success ?, how much would be cool because we put ourselves in their place. Can you imagine what it must be able and crush a city ?, power it represents ?. Now you have the chance to try these green Godzilla games. Do not leave even a skyscraper standing !.