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Geography Games

What is the capital of Estonia ?. What city it is displayed in the confluence of the rivers Júcar and Huécar ?. What is the size of the city of Cartagena? .¿En Sea which are the Cyclades ?. When we stop to ask weird things ?. Well, if all these issues sound you Mandarin Chinese, it is that geography is not your thing, a real problem when it comes to making friends or become the focus of the business dinners. Is it a solution ?, instructed with geography games !. Yes, you could spend the wages you get your parents in a complete set of encyclopedias. Let brooding tabs at the computer. Or pay a teacher to bore you with rancid geography for beginners. Of course it would also be interesting hook you up with these geography games so great, entertaining, practical and instructive and at the next party to which you are invited. You'll expand knowledge, you will grow hair on bald and your warts disappear. Okay, these geography games are not miracle... but entertaining deck. Word!.