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Fighting Games

The fights are ugly, folks. No matter if developed based screaming or punching. Molar, molar what is said, not molan nothing. -always Unless there is a safe- if we talk about online games. Or, easier: if we talk about fighting games.?¿Por what ?, because it is a way as any to squander stress and adrenaline painless and fun way. Yes, violence on the screen, whenever you are billed with good taste if it is possible, it is-it is quite enjoyable What makes up the menu ?, For a number of infinite possibilities where raw and intense action, above all, fun. Let's make a brief and concise review. There superheroes against supervillains. Or even against other superheroes. Karatekas embattled tremendous bad grape. Ninjas. The cast of Dragon Ball in full. famous and / or fictional boxers. Wrestling. Robots. Monsters. Power Rangers and give them Narutos.?Todos punching in a lot of fighting games based contusions enjoy. Paf !! '.