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Bicycle Games

Hobbies there are of all colors. Some enjoy collecting stamps. Other throwing crumbs to pigeons in the park. And then there is that punishing your perineum pass pipe unmercifully on the saddle of a bike. Once positioned, they begin pedaling. Speed ??up, they slow down, climb hills, the down, give sharp turns ... if there's even one who does pirouettes. And at the end, but of course, they are much happier. Okay, it narrated everything before was joking but what other positive thing we can say of the bikes that has not already been said ?. They are healthy, fun and cheap. And if that were not enough, they are invaluable material for creating a few bicycle games. Above a bicycle can compete in races, you can explore, you can simply walk and even serve to make little friends. Bicycles do not require impossible: skinny, sleek, high, low, yuppies, vagabonds, ninjas, superheroes, gnomes ... anyone can climb to a !. As with bicycle games, anyone can treat yourself to a well nice time with them. Hook and hit the pedal !.